dreamstime_xxl_2886527Supporting the Oceanside community through comprehensive recycling services, Grenelefe Recyclers is a family-owned local business that strives to keep as much waste as possible out of local landfills to protect our environment while simultaneously helping local businesses make money through recycling.

Business Recycling

Unlike many other recycling businesses, we don’t charge local businesses to have their recycling picked up or dropped off. Instead, we pay them for the recyclable materials that they discard. Not only do local businesses get paid for recycling with us, but we will also help them set up a comprehensive recycling program that can include collection bins and pick-up services that don’t cost you money for simply trying to do the right thing.

Residential Recycling

Our facility in Oceanside is now open the the general public. This means that anyone can come in and drop off their recyclables. In addition to having our services open to the public, we also offer fundraising opportunities. If you or your child’s school, club, or team would like to earn some extra money for upcoming expenses like trips or uniforms, contact us today. We’ve helped hundreds of groups raise money.

Recyclable Materials We Take

We take many different kinds of materials, including:

  • Paper products, including  

    • books
    • cardboard
  • Plastic materials like:

    • Window frames
    • Used water bottles
    • Other common household plastics
  • Many other common household and office materials

Find a new source of monthly cash, while keeping your home and business free of unwanted junk by trusting GreneLefe Recyclers with all of your recycling needs. We all have a responsibility to keep recyclable materials out of landfills, but with GreneLefe we make it so easy to recycle that it never feels like a chore. If you have any questions about what we can recycle for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer care team is ready to help.