We hear a lot of things about how good recycling is for the environment, but what exactly are some of these benefits? Over the next few blogs here, Grenelefe Recyclers in Oceanside will be going over some of the tangible benefits of recycling and why we need to keep working to further improve our planet. Today we’ll be talking about how recycling helps to prevent pollution. If your business needs a recycling program, call us! We will help you set up a program, pick up all of your recycling, and pay you for the materials your company recycles.

Recycling Reduces Air Pollution

One of the most obvious, and big, ways that recycling helps the environment is by reducing air pollution. When you recycle an aluminum, or other kinds of metal, can you’re helping to reduce the amount of mining that is necessary to extract more ore from the ground. Mining operations can be extremely detrimental to the air because of the amount of fuel it takes to run mining equipment, and because of the amount of fuel that is burnt both in the transportation of the ore to a refinery, the refining process itself, and then the transportation to another facility where it is turned into something else. The same is true when oil for plastics is drilled for.

By recycling plastic and metal, we help to cut the amount of mining and transportation that is needed for the products that we use. By reducing our air pollution, we help ourselves breathe easier.

Recycling Reduces Ground Pollution

recyclingreduceswaste_blog_innerimage2When we recycle as many items as possible, we also help to cut the amount to ground pollution that occurs in our cities and towns, and across the rest of the planet. When recyclable items are thrown away and then dumped into a landfill, some of their less desirable components can leach into the ground and eventually find their way into our water and the lands that grow our crops. This can lead to a rise in carcinogens, which isn’t healthy for anyone or anything that has to use water to survive.

By recycling, we also help stop our landfills from expanding beyond control. This is important because the more space that is covered by garbage, the more likely there is to be an accident where dangerous elements seep into our precious water supply, or into the air if there happens to be a fire. Smaller landfills also means less of a blight on the landscapes we live in.  

We hope this blog was informative and helped to illuminate the actual ways that recycling is beneficial to the planet. If you want recycling to be beneficial to your wallet, call us at Greenlefe Recyclers in Oceanside. We can set up a recycling program for you that will actually make you money because we pay you for what you recycle! In addition to paying you, we also provide all of the necessary bins, and we’ll come haul away your recyclables for you! At Grenelefe we think it is important to help as many people to recycle as possible.